Two weeks ago, i was walking trough the Feuersee Place, a tiny but nice place in the center of Stuttgart. I remembered, when I cam first to the city, that with the other students in the university we usually sit down before the church and drink some beers or drinks and had nice chats about the future, the possibilities and the activities. It was a time, where to sit there, have some drinks, enjoy the view of the church over the little artificial lake and see the sunset, was a symbol of joy and respect.



But it was not like that, two weeks ago. What I saw was garbage everywhere, very strange people thinking that the Feuersee was their personal home or even worst their personal toilette. There was no harmony or joy, only hundreds of people (and most of young very young), drinking alcohol, throwing garbage to everywhere and showing no respect to the public area or the private property. I was asking myself, what is happening to the city? What is happening at all?



The mayor of the city ordered Saturdays the “close” of the area, that means nobody can stay there Saturdays at night. Necessary countermeasure? Yes. Enough? No.  



One question: Why the people, specially the young people do that? My only answer is that is only because they don´t fill any responsibility, they don´t love the city or the area and they don´t have respect for other people. We need to admit, this is the generation that we are pushing and saying, “you can do whatever you want”. OK they are doing it. What happened when words like respect or education has no meaning anymore? The measure of the mayor is a good one but is not solving the problem. Tha problem is more complex that we can imagine, and nobody will like to speak about it. It is easy to say “ I don´t see a problem”.



In my opinion, we need to do something NOW. Otherwise, the city of Stuttgart will have the same destiny like other cities like Detroit. Do we want that? Start to think in the future, but taking the good points from the past. Liberty is not license to do whatever you want and I think is time, that this lesson need to be learned.



university and the future

One thing is to be one time first one, another thing is to be for a long time the first one. Some times, the situation, the environment, things that we can´t control plays for our interest and we achieve and extraordinary result. But this can only happen one time. The real art is to be at the top for a very long time.



Looking in the university environment of the city of Stuttgart. They are for sure at a very good level. Infrastructure, resources, financial and enterprise environment for a great development, a political support and the general idea, that it is still one of the greatest university environments ever.



But is this the true?



The other time I was speaking with somebody that inform me, how hot was in the offices of the university, when I asked: Don´t you have climatized offices? The answer was no. And my perplexity was so high that I didn´t remover exactly what I said after that. When another girl from other university in the area, told me that she needs to travel 10 km to come to the university, to fill out a paper, to bring this paper to one office, to receive this paper and bring it to another office, with the consequently loss of time and energy, my perplexity was higher. But, when I hear that one building, is still not in function because there is still missing one check from the city departments. One Check waiting since several months! My head only realize one question. Is this the meaning of number one? Or the meaning of a reality that is far away from that.



We need to be careful with the future, since the future sleeps over the bed of today, with the dreams of the past. We need to still be hungry, if we want to still have a good research and study environment, we need to open the eyes to the reality. The reality is there. There is too much to do, we are losing tempo, we are losing focus, we are losing the capacity of quick reaction, evolved in discussion of bureau-ocracy and feeling to “no change nothing”. We don´t need to have fear of the future, but look for it with optimism.  The question is if somebody will like to do something.