2023:  "Obras", Berlin (DE)

2022:  "Museo de la Celestina", Puebla de Montalban (ES)

2021:   "Club Voltaire" Tübingen (DE)


With a great atmosphere, good time for lectures and discussion, a great audience and in the wonderful City of Tübingen, last Thursday was the lectura and presentation of my last book of short stories "Trazos Urbanos" together with the wonderful novel "El Actor" from Jose Luis Pizzi.

Thanks to you all !




2020:  "Trazos urbanos" Köln (DE)

A memory photo during the presentation of Trazos urbanos in the "Allerweltshaus" in Köln last Friday, January 24, 2020.

It was a great evening, with very good conversations and above all the feeling that the interest in literature has not yet been lost. Thanks to everybody!

2019:  "Trazos urbanos"  Lima (PE)

From now on my book can be purchased not only in digital format but also in physical format, both in Spain and in Lima (Peru). 



2018:  "El día del libro" Munich (DE)


Last April 23, 2018 I had the opportunity to participate in the "Book Day" at the Cervantes Institute in Munich together with other writers and poets. An evening in favor of literature.



2018:  "Despues del nuevo amanecer" Munich (DE)

2017: Interview "Despues del nuevo amanecer", Salamanca(ES)

2017:  "Despues del nuevo amanecer" Salamanca (ES)







El viernes 11 de Noviembre 2017 a las 19:30 en la libreria "Santos Ochoa" de la mano de Editorial Amarante fue la presentación oficial de mi segunda novela "Despues del nuevo amanecer".



2014: "La casa Dreyfuss" Madrid (ES)




NOVELA "La casa Dreyfuss"

en Madrid